From The Desk of the Problem Child

Every year my review is the same thing.  Great work, great input to the game, bad attitude, bad politics.  You really need to work on your people skills and stop fighting with people.

I think a lot of us are plagued with this.  I think back to all the people in this company who I have become good friends with through “mutual understanding of the pain”. 

I watch my buddies bang their heads against their desk because they discover some line of code that basically a trained monkey should know better than writing (or in this case yesterday, “Dan Brown”.. and he is not a fan).   I think back to all the engineers who have created breakthroughs here over the last few years and the tag line seems to have a common thread.   These guys are the problem children.

I would like to raise my glass to all the Problem Children, DD, Producer, artist and engineer alike (you all know who you are) and say NEVER CHANGE!!!!  

Innovation begins with revolution, revolution begins with rebellion, and the only difference between a rebel and a founding father is whether or not you win the FIGHT.  So “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

Let every review be On Target, with the underline that says “it would have been SAT, but you really need to work on your people skills”.

The better my work, the worse my review seems to get, and the more I need “talking to” (because the harder I had to fight to get the quality I was looking for).  I will happily take an AT or OT review if I feel like I got there without selling myself short, selling out my game, or shelving my goals of achieving the next revolution in games.  When I stop fighting, I will be worthless to this place.  🙂


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