The Word of the Day is “Stay”

Part 1

“stay” has two meanings for us
For you it asks me not to leave
when I say “stay” it means I want
you simply to believe

believe my love is real

Word of the day had been on pause
Because we had a fire
magic dimmed, heartbroken ’cause
All my love words of a liar

I am true to you my goddess

we felt it scorched along with fate
Belongings lost and talk of leaving
manic state made me irate
I kept my faith but stop believing

but I don’t need material things to love you just the way I do

Nothing else that I could say
My heart not broken, yet I was bleeding
Couldn’t ask for me to “stay”
because I had to do the leading

fight or flight, without the flight… all I knew was action

Still with you, love of my lives
Mean every single word I’ve said
Couldn’t pull you out your shell
I wondered if I should be dead

and then I proved I couldn’t die, so you would always have me

I’ve died so many times this life
had we not met would you be hurting?
Damage I caused Wednesday night
Cold hand of death with I was flirting

I promise that I never will, fight with death again

Past few night we seem much better
Checks from banks, paid house in full
Still you need this promise letter
“there you are” my wondrous bull

I have no need to fight your demons with my own

Stubborn in all the ways I need
your Controlled chaos I can handle
Worried that your heart can bleed
But love’s eternal flame of candle

I have no need to heal you, you are perfect just the way you are

Lit the day I saw your eyes
Piercing blue, my heart behind them
Promised myself there’d be no lies
Heat, the warming of your welcome

and you saved all those parts of me, bits that I had long forgotten

I’ll write to you this new book now
in this world of words I’ll play
each word inspired, just look now
A debt you’ll never owe or pay

I will never take you for granted, not from present forward

Our marriage together truly was
The best 2 years of my long life
I meant forever when I called you
My beloved wife

I intend to stay with you, until I draw last breath

I don’t know how to think “give up”
I know exactly how to stay
My heart an overflowing cup
No longer need our yesterday

The love you give me in the present, is all the love I need

Look to the future where we will find
Loves ever flowing waters
Never to feel left behind
Gently raising sons and daughters

And in this love they all will learn to blossom just like you

Armored hands of tested leather
Steel breastplate, and tattered armor
Hurricane warrior in stormy weather
Now a peaceful zen monk farmer

“It is best to be a warrior in a garden, than a Gardner in a war”

Joel and Murray lit the way
Our demon’s voices once existed
The Goblin King has gone away
A vampire spell that only you have resisted

No tricks are needed to make you love me, you do that all on your own

No Coincidence, just our fate
Burt feet from ground, we hit rock bottom
Wings cut off and the sun extinguished
didn’t want this devil, but surely sought him

and now my demons are defeated

All the things we owned are gone
All but our bodies and every soul
Burned in fires phoenix drawn
Nothing replaced could make us whole

only our hearts can mend the burns the fire left behind

Moments when I dance in rain
Best days of my life
can’t fight my way through all this pain
Even with my spirit knife

And so I’ll live within it, the sweet embrace of loss, my Karma now is clean

So I will stay… and sit and wait
Until my sun shines in your eyes
I will never feel i’m late
Heartstrings bound, unbreaking ties

when hearts combine there is no way to separate without losing

I love you my beloved wife
Every day and every way
Even when I feel defeated
All I want is to say… is stay

I love you just the way your are, tomorrow, yesterday and today

Even if I don’t have fear of death
that won’t make me go away
your dragon god with fire breath
please respond with “every day”

Will you marry me today?

I cannot live without you…
I can’t… it has never been a lie
I love every facet of your soul
Even when I fear you say “goodbye”

And then I gently follow… until the end of time

Never would I want to fix you
Don’t want one tiny little change
Never would I want you different
Even if I appeared deranged

It wasn’t you my queen, who drove me to my test

I tried to win this dying fight
swiftly though I was submitted
Tried to be you burning light
then I simply ended up committed

and in those days I found my soul tucked within your longing

You are perfect every day
Tried to tell you nothing changed
Help you out of box to play
Nothing need be rearranged

If you won’t play, I’ll come inside and love you just as fiercely

Wish you hear me when I say
I love you every singly day
I hear your heart song when I pray
My armor forged from iron, not from clay

Wear me proudly my Valkyrie, and you will find security

your Thor, your monkey king… I am
the tattered armor of the gods
Sword blade’s razor edge in hand
Wear me in battle, and there are no odds

I will defend this family whenever you set my mind to task

My love for you enternal
Has been so from the start
There is no way in this short life
You and I will ever part…

Part 2

So please don’t ever change for me, Even if you think I want to part
I want you just the way you are, No chipped off pieces from your heart

saved heart i feel deep insie

I will allow your every thought, As long as you don’t change for me
fear and doubts you think I meant. You just can’t lose yourself you see

unconditional love for you resides

I’m begging… please don’t change, I love you JUST the way you are
Every talent every touch, Every fear and every scar

painting life right by my side

don’t carve or sand off bits of wife, Don’t adjust and don’t appease
If you do, I’ll fight and yell, And then save every single piece

Collected love for you just dried

And be true… yes I’ll make sure, As soon as you again believe
I’ll save every part of you, and from my loving hands receive

Returned so that you need not hide

I will love you… only you Until the day I die
Even if you leave me, Even if you say goodbye

Alone I will wait out the ride

No one else on this green earth, Could replace this love for you
No removing you from heart, Because it’s one… no longer two

you take mine if not allied

If I hurt you too much to be, Inside my heart and soul each day
I will hide just out of sight, let sun lit skies fade back to gray

always here just set aside

Forever knight in tattered armor, Forever watching out
In the dark where I belong, Your protector you are not without

watching your backside

Please believe I will allow you, Just the way you are
Even if that means, I have to love you from afar

and even if my love becomes denied

But please don’t leave me, and please don’t change
Please believe me when I say, “my tactics I can re-arrange”

as they often kindle soul to fire, now it can subside

And If I can’t convince you, that I love everything
You can be incorrect about what I think, please just let me stay your king

and allow me to provide

And you my goddess Freyja, have mercy on this creature
Don’t leave me broken and alone, I love my lotus even when I cannot reach her

I can sit and wait for the low tide

Forever yours no matter what, hurricane storms and broken heart
Through pain and guns and knives, though all the heartache from the start

these weapons that I carry can divide

I will always love you in this way, and only fight when you say “don’t”
Love every single piece of you, break my vows… I simply won’t

I take each moment of this love in stride

I will allow you every sorrow, Every tear, fear, and doubt
But my sunshine in your life, I will not let you live without

so please just step outside

Even if you can’t believe, Even if you scream and cry
Even if you claw and scratch, And even if you think I lie

you are safe with me beside

I will love you… All my life, I know its fact… I simply will
No doubts inside this my mind you love, with all this mess I love you still

this pain we can outride

Stronger than I ever have, More than even did before
losing all just helped me see, Buddha left an open door

so please come climb inside

even if you leave, because I cause you too much pain
I’ll wait for you to come back home, and practice Tai Chi in the rain

your tears that cosmos alplified

Hopefully then I will learn, to love you the right way
Hopefully I can figure out, the way to make you stay

but if I can’t I’ll still be trying hoping to collide

And I don’t mean stay if you don’t wish, always you can leave
I mean stay the way you are, ’cause I love you like this… believe

our hearts just happen to coincide

I can live without my heart, and I can live without my soul
I can live without my love, what i’ll be left with if you go

an empty suite of tattered armor left on the roadside

You’ll keep my love, heart, soul and mind and I’ll watch from a far
My light will always shine for you, not your sun god, just a star

a star your love can always… see beautifully amplified

Look for me in Taurus, A twinkle just inside its heart
Shining still only for you, Following you if you depart

my mental health, now certified

A star you have off in the distance, Waiting, watching, hoping when
you make a wish upon my star, That I’m Allowed to be your sun again

and so i stay, to wait for you entirely justified

I love you my earth mother, I love you in the moon
I see your heart beat in my chest, and hope that one day soon

you never once think of leaving me, simply due to pride

So here I wait imagining, a time when I can see
your love for me reflected in the eyes of a mother tree

Under your shade I will, eternally reside

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