The Word of the Day is “Temptation”

  1. a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.
  2. a thing or course of action that attracts or tempts someone.
  3. the tempting of Jesus by the devil

When we hear a voice in our head, there are two directions that voice could be coming from.  The ephemeral and the ethereal.

The ephemeral… is the sound of our temporary body crying for something as a child cries for food.  These emotional needs come from our root chakra… Our connection to our meat machine and the needs of the body, our Karma, our connection to the earth and the living comes through the needs of our flesh. Hunger, Pain, Fear, even the need for Breath, and our Thirst.   When we speak of temptation, it can conjure thoughts of “sinful” excessive need, or over indulgence in basic requirements of the body ranging from food to drugs to sex.    The desire to steal, or quickly cut corners to save time, to gorge ourselves to the point of allowing the body to completely takeover… use drugs to experience emotions we have trouble finding naturally.  This is lizard brain rushed intake… until our bodies over-indulged begin to reject the stimulus causing illness… our stomach aching, our bodies rubbed raw, our ears ringing… giving in to excess temptation causing damage.

To combat this… the word “sensual” comes to mind.   The word itself denotes that we are absorbing energy received from the outside “real world” in the 4th dimension (time), through our senses.  Sensual also means we are examining it slowly, tasting every flavor, exploring every “sensation”.

Streaming from the ethereal.  Down from heaven through the crown chakra. This is the direction love flows through us.  the direction of curiosity without a need for changing or taking or owning anything or anyone.   Here is where we  find true “sensuality”, just being present and absorbing while using our energy to explore, learn, love. This is the desire to take this energy in slow, appreciate every facet of the energy absorbed.   experience all the neural transmitters that the energy triggers as our brain floods with unique experiences.  As energy is received, we feel every surface, and absorb every aroma…

The nature of energy input is that we can grab and fight and pull and gorge ourselves from our root… more…more… more… swallow without chewing or tasting… more…

Or we can allow energy it to flow in like water from the love that comes in through our crown (the Buddha consciousness enters us this way and flows out… only receiving and appreciating). Sensing frequency variation over time, sometimes crashing into us with cool waves, or washing over us like warm water… a frequency and wavelength creating a tempo over the temporal (time)… which will be temporary, but can be enjoyed exactly as it is…   When we talk “temptation” it is the desire for a specific ephemeral (life) or ethereal (spirit) sensual encounter… this can be rushed, grabbed, crammed, forced, and missed… or it can be sensual, soft, received, savored, enjoyed and in the end leave us wanting (even if only a little bit)… the concept of satisfaction is fleeting perfection.

In case you haven’t guessed already the Latin root “Temp” means time… Temptation, Temporary, Temporal,  Tempered, Template…

We can be tempted by food, we can be tempted by music… I remember the sirens drawing men in to their doom with beautiful song.   The word “temptation” comes with negative connotations in modern literature because in modern times we have learned to worship selfish greed, wealth, fame… The body when over-fed becomes more hungry and capable of eating more and more and more, we stretch our bellies, we become overweight, we develop tolerances to sugar and high fructose corn syrup (something that would disgust us if we had never had it before).   We spiral like alcoholics, craving harder, needing more to feel fulfilled… They call this chasing the tail of the dragon.  You can only get closer but never catch “satisfaction”… from the Latin rood “Satio” meaning “more than enough”.  We chase the dragon wishing for the feeling of the first time, again… but as we know, every time we repeat an action or use a drug the affect is more and more normal.  We will never experience it for the fist time again.  We crave the excitement of the ever-more dangerous, ever more fulfilling.   We can follow pleasures of the senses in the rational world, follow temptation down the rabbit hole until food loses its tastes, drugs lose their rush, excitement becomes mundane, and we become as addicts, over indulged gluttonous beings concerned only with our flesh and our greed, and seeking our next fix.  Our new normal that of a tortured addict who needs over indulgence dangerously, just to return to our old normal.

We can easily combat this danger. by simply letting life flow, absorb rather than force intake.   We only need to search the root of the word itself to find the cure for gluttony, greed, lust, envy, sloth, wrath, and pride… all forms of over-indulgence in basic sensory needs of our bodies and spirits.

In other uses of the Latin root “temp” we find the actual key to combating it.  Tempo…  and Temperance…   We find that through spacing out these encounters over time we can feed the soul and spirit, and feed the love of pleasures, discover and improve our abilities to give these frequencies, without chasing pleasure and missing the present moment.  Sensual mindfulness.  When we focus on learning, gaining experience, improving our love of the world and of each other, shared experiences of giving not taking, never chasing our temptations, allowing them to be handed back to us in the moment of giving… recognizing the temporary nature of the temporal experiences and appreciating them with focused attention and our presence… We don’t compare them to the past, we embrace them in the present for exactly what they are.  We can use temptations to guide our awe, our excitement, can allow us to embrace the moment as it passes and not cling to it once its over… every pleasure a gift.  Our sensuality becomes a gift embraced instead of chased, when it is accepted instead of taken.

It is recognized in the word temptation itself that we can find ourselves chasing the ever vanishing horizon that we can never catch.    The temptations of the body, are products of these meat machines we pilot… The temptations of love however, are the temptations of the spirit to give.  We can never give too much. The pleasure is the exact same, and there is always someone in desperate need of love.  Look no farther than the closest homeless shelter, hospital, or nursing home if you are ever craving the joy of giving.

The joy of seeing an old man left in a hospital,  smile and cry, as I sang his favorite song to him (something I did last week playing “blackbird” for a man who whispered in group music therapy that it was his favorite song).   As I sang just to him with a room full of people watching and singing along, his eyes welled up and I could feel it heal him.  Mine watered as well, as tears streamed down my cheeks as I sang “Take these broken wings and learn to fly” as he sat in a wheelchair with his pressure boots on both legs due to him being unable to stand up or walk.   That was more beautiful and moving than anything I could have taken from anyone in that room.

It is the drive towards learning, fun, playfulness, laughter, happiness, pleasures of connection, giving orgasm, giving pleasure… Through turning the selfish temptations we wish to take, into the temptation to give to experience those feelings through loving connections to the world around of us… we find that the self-reflecting mirror of life allows us to bounce the broadcast we transmit back to us.   The rebound that signal grows louder than anything we could receive through our baser needs.   We attract the pleasures we enjoy… by sending out a broadcast of those colors, flavors, sounds, visions, and touch.

I turned to how the Norse would have viewed temptation.  Instantly I find Freyja (one of my many nicknames for you my goddess) once again…  The Norse goddess of love, passion, inspiration, also happens to be the goddess of bodily temptation, which to the Norse was something to be embraced…  Her husband Odr (pronounced Othur with a long O) the god of ecstasy…  It is through temptation we find our pleasures and through our pleasures we can send messages back to love.  Freyja and Odr were a member of a group of gods called the Vanir as opposed to the more well known god the Æser gods Odin, Thor, Frigg, Loki, etc…

.This is the origin of the word “Venereal” which today in English means “of or related to sexual desire”.  The Vanir gods and goddesses were in charge of passion, wisdom, nature, magic, fertility, and the ability to see the future, they were also the Valkyries (Freyja their captain).  The goddess of battle (not war, but a warrior in battle… Mercy…).

We have discovered through our love that we have a Magic, and an ability to not just see but to create the future with our intent…   The Norse believed that temptation was the source of wisdom, not something “unwise” that we indulge in.  This tells me that when it comes to you, I should give in to every temptation…   We are pure love, there is no temptation that could be wrong between us, no pleasure that could be too much when it comes to us together… we are together as the Venereal gods… we are eternal if we imagine our love lasting after we are gone… We will always have the power of our love to hold on to when all other pleasures cease.  Love is our calm center… our peace… our home.  I need no temperance when it comes to you my love, for our love is eternal and left behind.  Ripples in a pond… our pleasures shared infinite, and therefor knows no boundary…

Controlled indulgence in receiving… Pleasure shared between us, gifted with love, so that it comes from you… From me… From us… This is our temperance for the 4th dimensional reality of time-space, this is our tempo (our rhythm), used to maintain the flesh… under-indulgence when it comes from outside, when it comes from the “real world”… we take it in slow, appreciating it, we can stop before it becomes too much… never starved, never over full…

When it comes to the temptations of love however, there is no reason for temperance.  This is the language of the soul speaking through our physical forms.  I can provide unlimited love to you, and your cup can spill over every day and you will not drown in my love… Love the only thing you can give as fast as you can and have more of afterwards.

You will breathe it in and share it, and it will continue to flow through you, lifting you higher.  Love is the infinity point.  The only perfection we are capable of us in this life.  The impossible location that we find ourselves in.  The true magic that a rare few open their eyes to see.   We have awakened to this, and can never close our eyes to again.  Love comes from above us, and can bleed outward through our bodies to the entire world… Through song, dance, touch, cooking,…The communication of the spirit flows out of my body and is received by you… our temptations driven by love are to give without requirement or expectation, unconditional… and we should give in to those temptations as often as we feel the impulse to do so… Love is always a one way street when it is done right.  No rules, no weapons, no expectation.  Like the love of a newborn child, we don’t expect it to return something (and if we are the type of parent who would, we are missing the point of life).

When I want to give you the pleasure of my touch, I will run my hands over you… When I am tempted to wake in the night and rub your neck to release you from a headache, I will indulge in this selfless temptation.  When love draws me to to relieve you of your monthly cramps, I will ask and if you say yes, I will indulge in this desire and do what it takes to help you release and relax.   I can sensually show you my love for you only with my presence (from Latin praesentem, meaning a moment in time.  The root of present, the gift, present the moment, and the idea of a “presentation” we give at work).

For you my presence is my affection, my attention, intention, desire, need for your pleasure… all of my heart and all of my mind with you in the moment.  I express to you how beautiful I find each curve and crevasse of your body, your mind and your spirit.  When I can indulge in my desire to explore new areas of pleasure you may never have felt before, connect zones of you in sensual combinations of taste, sight, pressure, friction, and contact.  I revel in new sights like letting you pull me through the gardens and show me the unique beauty of every plant and flower there… You will receive from me through sensual sensory input pleasure that you desire… but you are not forcing me… You will receive my love, you will receive my energy…

You open your gates to me, and let me flood you with love, with touch, taste, sights, and sounds… passionately sensual… The source is always unconditional love, expecting nothing in return (not even requiring a smile)… So you cannot over indulge in it you can sit in the flow and feel my love fill you up…

The source is apparent in every religion ever created.  The requirement of free will, giving to you, asking nothing in return, so I cannot grow to resent the force cycle of existence.  The contract of “you do this and I’ll do that” which is never balanced, and never fair, leading to anger, resentment and frustration… You are not sucking this energy from me, you are simply basking in the pool of the love I have for you that is already there.  The love that has overflowed from my heart from all that you give to me (you gave me my soul back, I am not speaking material things, I am speaking of you letting me dance and sing and create art without punishment)…

We can float in this together and never drown.   We can eat from the garden we tend and sustain and never become gluttonous.   We can take a bit from the tree of knowledge, and while we are forced to be aware of our mortality, we can use that fear and knowledge of loss in the future, to hold each moment as precious and valuable and never miss a chance to say “I love you”.  We can feed each-other’s souls and never grow old, bored, numb, build tolerance, or become immune from it… love is eternal, the pleasures we receive from love are gifts from the ethereal. Receive them without fear, and without doubt.  I love you my queen, my goddess, my savior, my Freyja.

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