Day 1- Mission Briefing room…  20 men and women sit around a large metal round table inlaid with gold patterns reminiscent of Mayan temple carvings.

A dark skinned African American man who appears to be in his early 60s stands with hands behind his back in a Silver military BDU style uniform.  His uniform is adorned with a patch over his right breast pocket reading “Jessup”, a patch over his left reading T.I.C.T.O.C. and on the upper portion of his shoulder sleeve a patch of a shield with a single downward facing sword with a ring a above it like a halo.  He’s tall, and built like a tank… A deep menacing scar runs from his forehead skipping his right eye and connecting down his cheek.   He begins to speak calmly, but sternly… his bass filled voice, demeanor and presence puts all in the room at ease.  Yet he subliminally commands immediate respect from the group, without an ounce of the threat his outward appearance would make one instantly recognize is there.

With calm confidence, he speaks:

congratulations ladies and gentlemen you are now agents and operators known as “Temporal Knights”… You 20 are the elite men and women who will be entrusted to save the world.

You are about to hear a story that only the elite leaders of the world have ever heard. I must break this down from its beginning for you to understand the impact of your new role in the universe, so follow me through the history of our agency that is tasked with the monitoring and adjustment of future events.

our story begins in ancient greece with a man by the name of Pythagoras. This man discovered a ratio of mathematical numbers governing geometric perfection. He used this ratio to invent the harmonic scale leading to modern music, and invented a system of mathematics now known as “geometry and trigonometry” with the use of a ratio once called the “golden ratio”. Today these are called “irrational numbers” such as Pi and Phi, though it was actually one of his pupils by the name of Hiposis who discovered that this pythagorean ratio was close to correct but was not the reason it worked. He discovered the concept of numbers like Pi which can be calculated to infinity and never repeat (he was later drowned by a group of angry pythagoreans).  We know today this irrationality constructs the fabric of time-space’s interactions with life… the observers of time… it creates the laws that allows matter from the future to interact with life over time.

Pythagoras’ work was discovered during the early times of the viking age and was carried back to Scandinavia and eventually Europe by them. The discovery was first fully understood and exploited by an alchemist who we know today as the Wizard “Merlin”. Under a king by the name of Uther, this man had experimented with his own hallucinogenically-induced geometric patterns already and was particularly interested in what he discovered… that these geometric shapes somehow made up the barrier and fabric of the universe and time-space… today we know he was correct, this geometric patterns create a mathematical pair of walls between dimensional probability and the linear past which all living things are contained within. All living things alter time through selecting perceived futures, and observe “reality” through the ever changing moment we exist in as tachyon waves become linear quantum particles based on our conscious and subconscious selection of which probability to allow through the barrier at the rate of slightly faster than light speed… Imagine life, as the filter through which the ocean of probability becomes a linear stream of water and the space between the barrier contains you… as a collective, yet individually selective funnel where all our decisions in time make up the past reality we perceive as life.

Merlin studied these geometric patterns and when combined with Hiposis’ work with irrational numbers calculated off into close enough perfection, Merlin was able to invent what we call the worlds first “glimpse divice”. This works something like a fan blade, that when spun fast enough could cut through the time/space barrier and for an observer, greatly widen the gap between probability and reality, extra time between the walls, allowing an observer to select and re-select which tachyons to allow through, and… to the observer, this would “slow time” and give an observer a brief glimpse of the future from his or her perspective based on decisions they would make and others still within the smaller barrier have already committed to making, or are most likely going to follow through with based on their past patterns… along the timeline of the user of this device, they get a momentary window to see the future through and enough time to alter his or her choices to find a more ideal outcome.

At the time it required very pure gold inlaid into a metal with a high amount of carbon to shield a radioactive charge in a specific and precise geometric patterns reminiscent of Incan and Mayan art… Merlin gave the gold a negative electrical charge, using radioactive material found in a high carbon stone, and when spun the device would function by leaving a very brief timewake in its trail and widening the observers field of consciousness.

Merlin created such a device for his king Uther. Gold became a rather precious commodity to the King as it was frequently anhiliated in the process of splitting the fabric of timespace and had to be replenished. The glimpse device (as they are often masked through history by mimicking a commonly carried tool or weapon), was in the form of a sword you may have heard of… it was called “Excalibur”. When the precise geometric pattern of inlaid gold in the blade was negatively charged by inserting the blade into a high carbon radioactive stone… this blade, when swung with the gold inlay facing the observer, can slice briefly through the fabric of time-space and reveal what we call a “glimpse”.  It is believed based on the speed of the swing that glimpse could be between 1 second, and up to 2 days into the future with a window wake lasting less than a second for the observer.  In other words… you swing the sword and through the trail the observer could watch the future. The speed the user swung it defined the distance into the future they could see. This became extremely helpful to Uther in both one on one combat, and on the edge of battle at informing strategy and directing troops and armies into successful victories. This allowed Uther to alter time forever. The power and danger of this tool in the wrong hands was not lost on Merlin, and so he forged a ring which when worn, locked and unlocked the blade from its charging stone as well as completed the electrical circuit required to use excalibur to glimpse the future. The lock in the stone was strong enough that no man alive could pull the blade from the stone without the possession of the ring and instruction on how to grip the hilt to wield the blade’s power.

When King Uther chose to use this sword for his own sexual gratification in bedding the queen of an enemy, Merlin locked the blade in the stone forever taking the power from Uther, who fell in battle shortly thereafter. It became Merlin who had sole control of the power of predicting the future for nearly two decades.

England went kingless for half a generation… a myth was created by Merlin that Uther had a secret heir, and that this heir would be the only one who could pull the sword from the stone and become king… it was in a young page by the name of Arthur that Merlin proved this “divine prophecy” true… by tutoring Arthur and eventually giving him the ring and teaching him to use it. While we know today Arthur was no relation to the previous king Uther, Arthur had befriended Merlin young, and was partially raised by him… Merlin believed this poor page had the qualities that would allow him to wield this power for the good of his people and of mankind. It was in these years that Merlin worked to improve the glimpses power, allowing the bearer to see many years into the future and wield the sword for a lifetime without needing to recharge the blade. Merlin’s final breakthrough was a configuration allowing Arthur to briefly adjust his perceived traversal through time for others… arthur could not only slow time but move and adjust himself while it was slowed by adjusting his own probability flow slightly altering the past… making him virtually unbeatable in combat.

From Merlin’s codex, we know that over this gap when Excalibur was locked in its stone and he was teaching and mentoring Arthur, Merlin created another glimpse device, wielded by a tribal Northland king that legend remembers today as the god Thor… with his hammer Mjolnir being locked flat to a charging stone, Merlin enabled it to also be charged by superconducting lightning from the sky… Somehow lost by Thor who became the basis for the Norse religion, we do not have record of how this happened or where this Mjolnir is.   Nonetheless this power of divination launched the Vikings into the power hold they had, and their rise to dominance in France, Germany, Poland and at the battle of Hastings they eventually claimed England.  Mjolnir has not been found or heard of since, we believe it could have somehow been destroyed or hidden.

In Europe when Arthur was allowed to pull Excalibur from the stone and gain its power… Arthur in his own humility and tutelage, didn’t trust himself enough to control this power alone, and didn’t have the ability to correct the horrors the future revealed to him by Excalibur on his own. He decided a group was needed to help him make these decisions, and aid in these corrections. A group was formed to protect this power and it was named “the knights of the round table”. Merlin created weaker glimpse blades for each, and these knights began the expansion of England partially to reign in the chaos of the world. This power allowed them to create the largest consolidated kingdom in history…

The crown used the tool of religion to justify and explain their “divine sight” and inexplicable ability to win battles, and this justified to their people their corrections to the timeline through the tool of war… who often needed an excuse for going to war that religious fanaticism easily created (these wars now known as “the crusades”)… The kings of england also used religion to hide the power of the glimpses through passing down myth and legend mixed with truth. They explained their abilities to see the future through the same religion and superstition and legend of a magical sword.

Unfortunately the unforeseen consequences were creating a church both aware of excalibur and temporal control, and one which would be extremely more powerful without it. The church’s greed and power was absolute when the blade was lost in battle in Burgundy France by one such King who followed Arthur. The church chose to bury the evidence of the existence of the blade rather than retrieve it, as religion was truly the only tool they required to maintain fear, power and wealth, and without it they could even control the throne itself.

We believe from historical evidence both the ring and blade were taken by a french soldier having no idea of its power or history. This blade passed down a few generations as an heirloom and was discovered by a young girl named Jehanne Darc… you would know her today in the west as “Joan of Arc”. She unlocked pieces of its power through playing with it… and while never fully understanding it without instruction, she learned to skillfully wield the blade and ring… this threatened the absolute power of the church, and Jehanne was captured, the sword was sent to Rome and Jehanne was executed by the church as a heretic and history rewritten by the church once again… Jeanne D’arc became inexplicable legend blurring the facts of time with their religion once again.

It was during the renaissance when this power was uncovered once more by an Italian man by the name of leonardo DaVinci.    His obsession with alchemy and “turning lead to gold” was in fact an excuse to further pursuit of the creation of a glimpse machine, in an age of the dawn of mechanization and having no access to the blade itself, which we know is still to this day, in the vaults of the Vatican. Leonardo had brief success and was able to see flashing moments we believe based on his design could have possibly been hundreds of years forward in time (hence his drawings of futuristic machinery such as airplanes). what Leonardo did not expect was that the use of modern mechanization to increase the speed of the glimpse fans he created would create a volatility of a larger tear in time-space than Excalibur ever could, and such a rapid anihilation of the gold in use would have huge consequence… he was the first to release immense amounts of atomic energy into our dimension resulting in the detonation of his lab.   We believe this was the closest anyone came prior to the manhattan project, to division of an atom before the atomic age. This near death experience and danger of such an explosive weapon forced Leonardo to abandoned his work. He moved to France and became a well know painter and entrusted his life’s work including Merlin’s codec and his own work on his glimpse machine to the Royal family of France for protection. He was happy hiding his work when he realized the destructive capability of the technology he invented and France to him seemed to be the safest place to hide this technology from the world once again.

Leonardo’s work was then forked twice by the failings of the french royalty in the years of corruption leading to the french revolution.

It was first discovered by a young scientist by the name of Benjamin Franklin who had an affinity and love affair with the Queen of France, it was her affinity for him and his love of science that had her reveal Leonardo’s temporal work to him. Benjamin Franklin was enthralled by the idea of charging gold in a more modern way having learned of the brief experiment of Thor’s hammer, and began his exploration of electrical charging. The “inventor of electricity” harnessed the power of lightning and created a glimpse device far more stable than the radioactive ones of the past. To protect the power of it, he created a group known as “the free masons”, much like the knights of the round table, working with the temporal assignment arm in the colonies, a group called the “sons of liberty” they set forth to create an altruistic free society governed by people with laws based in science rather than the dangerous religious fictions created to cover up this work in the past.

Later, in the late 1800s Leonardo’s work was was rediscovered in France by a Russian scientist by the name of Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, who created his own form of a glimpse machine, and he rose to power quickly in the russian royal family. He used this power entirely selfishly, to prevent repeated attempts at his own life through the use of glimpses. He was secretive and kept the power for himself and working alone, he was eventually assassinated and the power fell into the hands of Russian Royalty who at the time, were far from altruistic in their use of this power.

It was shortly after the assassination of Rasputin when the russians, in 1914, began what we know as World War 1. To the people around the world this was a war for land and nationalism, for the men in power and systems of governing, however in truth it was about who controlled the power of the Rasputin glimpse devices…

“to keep or destroy this power”… is the catalyst that lead to divide and revolution in Russia in 1917, those who first saw the destruction both the consolidation of this power in the hands of one, or competing factions both with this control, could create in the modern age. Two men in two countries who had the power of the glimpse machines… Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin, and Carl Marx in Germany, attempted to cover this power up for good as it had been lost before… through the use of the tool of war as a means towards the destruction of all evidence of its existence… they again silenced this technology in Europe and ability to glimpse the future and alter the timeline having no idea that the now United States had this power as well. Until it was uncovered in Europe once more shortly after, buried in Germany, by a young Adolf Hitler obsessed with the legends he had heard. He saw power in his search for this technology, and once he had it, it seems he could not be stopped.

The free masons in the United States had great success in hiding our knowledge of our own power to see the future… However, multiple glimpse devices meant multiple simultaneous corrections, creating foggy and ever fracturing timelines, the masons were certain someone was using one, and in both wars they turned the tides late in the wars with comparatively limited casualties and pushed the future in the ideal direction. Russia successfully destroyed all knowledge of glimpse machines in 1917… It was us who destroyed the german knowledge thanks to an austrian scientist by the name of Albert Einstein, who, while also aiding in using the knowledge of the instability of radioactive divices passed down from Leonardo to create the Atomic Bomb… Einstein also identified the german scientists with knowledge of glimpse machines and their history, which aided us in capturing them and bringing them to the united states in what is known by the codename “operation paperclip”.

Since world war 2, to the best of our knowledge the United States has been in complete control of this knowledge and its power. Since that time we have improved glimpse technology to the point of not only seeing the future, but successfully opening and sustaining a stable rip in time/space large enough and sustainable enough to both see the future and also to step through a time portal to the future and return to the present from it… while the portal remains open.   Once the portal is closed you have stepped into that timeline and can not return to ours.

To aid in ending World War Two, the free masons handed over this power to the US government… this encouraged the end to state militia and the creation of the federal US military… Since the beginning of the United States, this technology has been revealed in succession to the presidents of the United States, and as commander in chief those presidents have directed a top secret agency eventually operating as a branch of the CIA, which is still today the future intelligence gathering arm known as T.I.C. (Temporal Intelligence Command). It was after the Cuban missile crisis and bay of pigs averted nuclear holocaust that John F. Kennedy created our second unit of Temporal Knights… and the special operations arm known as T.O.C. (Temporal Operations Command) was developed with its first mission… to assassinate him. Kennedy and the T.I.C. could find no future he lived, in which nuclear holocaust did not occur, and as it approached time for this annihilation of life as we know it, Kennedy found his T.I.C. scientists and operators did not have the skills required to execute his assassination in a manner that would ensure a future that mankind would survive. He established T.O.C., soldiers hand-picked from the military, agents to carry out their first mission in the most public way possible.  Making him a Martyr and thus stitching our country and the world back together uniting us with the rest of the free world against Russia and Cuba and regaining temporal control avoiding the end of life as we know it.  He was not the first president who gave his life for this country, Abraham Lincoln had used one man to re-unite the country after the Civil War, and Kennedy followed, and so for the second time in history a president ordered his own assassination.

10 T.I.C. Knights sitting here with you today are the skilled time travelers known as Tempornauts, they are recruited from the private sector, with unique skills in several fields.  Their role is to collect as much data about the future as the glimpse devices allow and they carry out non-military covert intelligence gathering ops in the future. This informs us of future events which we can alter in the present with several devices in the field without atomic incident capable of created glimpses at a range of roughly 4.7 years into the future. T.O.C. was disbanded during the Reagan administration after a failed assassination attempt was allowed by this agency in order to prevent escalating gun violence due to rising gang activity in the United States.

T.I.C. only collects intelligence, and therefor we can have several devices in the field without creating what we call “time static” or “time fractures”… Which is when the timeline becomes destabilized by several Glimpse devices governing decision making at the same time, which results in creating alternate overlapping possible futures that blur or fracture what we see like peering through a broken mirror… Today, rather than a sword, these devices are in the shape of a smart-phone,  which each of you have in front of you.

That brings us to our new members with us today… You are operators in 2 squads of a re-imagining of the T.O.C. agency, you will be tasked with active temporal missions and military operations. You were selected from the top military special forces units spanning the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Delta, SOCOM, SWAT, and others… Your glimpse devices are married together and operate with only one unified perspective, they are not as powerful as the devices T.I.C carries, but instead act much like the swords given to the knights of the round table other than Arthur.  You have a singular view from a singular vantage point and you can choose together how to react to it, while one of you… a primary operator, carries a full Glimpse machine into combat.  This provides you all with the power of a glimpse, and your shared ability to adjust the timeline together.  Your mission commander will create adjustments preventing time static on active missions, and allow you to time adjust by selectively handing off the primary glimpse functions to your devices.  I am your primary commanding officer General Jessup, code name “Merlin”, who hand picked you ten… Men and women who, like King Arthur, have a sense of true altruism and the operational skills and desire to fight and even die for the betterment of mankind… we are now the blade that changes history by seeing the future… Welcome to the round table, and operation Excalibur.

In case you haven’t figured it out from the patterns and materials, this table you sit around is not a table at all… In front of you, is T.I.C.T.O.C.’s glimpse portal that we make our temporal drops through.

Since the late seventeen hundreds up until this past year, our missions were handed down on the sole discretion of the president of the United States, and the Temporal Knights who travel forward were only in the T.I.C. division… Today that requirement has shifted. You 10, will be the first T.O.C. Tempornaughts to step forward in time… Team 1… codename “Blade”. Will run operational, rather than intelligence drops.   Military operations that we run as a test of potential outcomes with time to adjust strategy and repeat missions with a shorter time horizon if we fail.  In the event of mission failure you will return to the portal and we will reset from the present, virtually erasing what you have done.  That doesn’t mean you are invincible folks, injuries and deaths… we can’t reset even if we bring your corpse home.   If you succeed you will remain in the future and we will close the portal, locking that future into our present timeline (as we will have already arrived and you are simply jumping ahead).  In the event Blade missions succeed and T.I.C. discovers outcomes have become worsened, Team 2… codename “Hilt”… will send a retrieval unit, and correct what we have done with operational security and knowledge of the outcomes and we will all return to to the round table portal to reset.  There is no going back in time folks… once your portal closes, you are on that timeline unless we send a team to retrieve you, once our time horizons re-converge there is no undoing what we have done.

We are now living In a world where our sole purpose is preventing the destruction of the planet itself and the extinction of mankind… and trust me… we are closer to it than you imagine.  This job isn’t an easy one.

It was the election of “President Trump” (he air quotes) who President Obama had to allow, in order to prevent civil war that would have torn this nation in two resulting in Nuclear holocaust and a Russian invasion. Trump was the first president in US history who was never informed of the existence of these devices or these agencies. T.I.C. tempornaughts found there was no outcome of informing President Trump about this agency and its purpose that did not result in his using this power only for personal gain. There was also no outcome of revelation that didn’t return this power to Russia, and place it directly in the hands of Vladimir Putin who we know became aware if the existence of glimpse devices when he took control of the Russian government, and is actively seeking one.

We are now operating under my discretion, and you 20 Knights of this Round Table… As Merlin, former commander of T.I.C. and former operations commander of the previous T.O.C., I have experience leading this command.   I will set priority based on timetable and potential butterfly effects of each mission. You have final say on every mission execution, informed by T.I.C. planned by us all, and approved through a democratic vote on each team. I will step in as the tie breaker in the event of a 5/5 split in either faction of this agency. We are our own system of checks and balances between intelligence, military execution, and altruistic direction. For the second time in history this power will be in the hands of many rather than one man. I control the ring that unlocks your devices, and the portal.  I am your oversight, that unlocks the blade from the stone.  This full elite committee of men and women will work as one cross agency team of tempornauts.

T.I.C. Knights identify the problem, I will prioritize the missions and all of you Knights will work together to make plans to correct, with my oversight.   Once the teams agree I will enables the round table and you will send a selection of tempornaughts from both divisions to a drop point in time-space to execute missions… We work together as a unit. Each of you has unique skills and I find you to be the best in our nation. These skills are ranging from elite sniper, demolitions, CQB, hand to hand combat, stealth, sabotage, cybernetics, hacking, foreign culture and language, etcetera… This agency is now operating completely in the black ladies and gentlemen with no oversight but our own… until a deserving King is elected and resumes command we are in the dark ages fighting for the survival of our species.

Now to business because we don’t have time to waste.   We have noticed time static since Russians seemed to have formed relationships with our government giving them access to intelligence they were never supposed to get.  We recently have found temporal fracturing one month out… Which means someone in the near future will gain glimpse control.   T.I.C. have already tracked this to a specific time, date, and event. Your first mission, is a race against elite former Russian KGB agents reporting directly to Vladimir Putin. We are performing this mission 1 month in the future to allow us the lead time that may be required to make multiple attempts and corrections in strategy.

If we fail this mission in the time we have, another temporal glimpse device will be in play… and this cannot be allowed. Through covert ops T.I.C. have traced the source of the static and discovered that on January 18th, Russia will successfully steal the original Excalibur sword from the Vatican vaults with a covert assault in Vatican City, Rome. Our mission is to work with the Swiss guard under the guise of a private US contract for security training. We will then use, or aid, the Swiss guard to defend the Vatican from this assault, prevent the assassination of Pope Francis by the Russians, and retrieve the first glimpse device ever created… T.I.C. has found the best course of action is to work with the Pope who is aware of our existence, however the public must believe the Swiss Guard alone defended the Vatican from this assault. Pope Francis is the only person outside you 20 who can be allowed to be aware of this mission and he has asked us to bring the original Sword and charging stone along with the Ring to activate it, home with us when we leave. Pick your sword members, start your planning phase, we jump as soon as we have twin committee votes confirming mission specs and approval from the teams.  You have now been given with has been called “Godspeed” for generations… so… Godspeed, and Good luck…


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