The Word of the Day is “Fire”


Fire is my Chinese zodiac element.

It is also the symbol of the Dragon element (the eastern zodiac animal that is also my sign) which means I am a dragon doubled… A dragon lives in and creates fire… However, I was born in the month of the Metal Monkey… My inner animal… The monkey King… Capable of redemption and humility.  In the story  monkey paid the price for his arrogance and accepted his faults. Then the goddess Quan Yin set him free from his prison and teaches him the ways of flowing like water… Water the element that can overcome fire…  The realization that monkey has in this story Is that just because he is powerful enough to have everything his heart desires, and just because he has never failed, doesn’t make him flawless when his impact on those around him is painful.

Last night I talked about my fire side, my desires to protect when focused outward is strong and very hard for me to turn off… when I feel need to protect myself I can lose control of it, the aftermath of crushed emotions leaves me walking on the shards of broken dreams.  my wife said she thinks she can tame the dragon…  My response was I didn’t want to be tamed… loving me is enough…  I called her khaleesi, the mother of dragons… The dragon is a tool, direct him, aim his fire in the right direction and we will create a river of flaming water that will carve new ground and crash through obstacles that can’t be steered around… A life of heat and passion without the conflicts those lives normally brings with them.

Fire is good when it’s gifts are understood.  “Necessity the mother of invention”

Without the knowledge of how to create fire, the human race would not have survived the ice age.  We were the first species in the history of the entire planet to use tools that allowed us to defeat an extinction level event that should have done us all in.  The first expression of consciousness manifesting in the world that decided to begin creating the universe as we saw fit… When the natural order of things said “it’s time for you to die”…

We were the first ones to speak back, and say “no”.  We invented language and that allowed us to share the gift of knowledge… We developed writing which allowed us to pass down this knowledge from generation to generation… That writing eventually lead us to developing tools for making slaves of men… Fire forged Iron chains and language allowed religious texts… Books that made men think that gods are “out there” somewhere and must be worshipped and suffered for, worshipped and killed for… Instead of the true knowledge we all already have that the goddess is inside you.  The goddess of creation IS you.

Fire… The goddess is light… Since the dawn of time we have worshipped the sun… Christianity is the story of the path of the sun through the year “born in Virgo the Virgin” on December 25, dying on the cross (the southern crux constellation) for 3 days over the winter solstice and then “Rising Again” to the heavens… The story of Christ is the story of the zodiac and the eternal flame that lights our lives traveling through the cosmos.  The zodiac signs all driven by where the sun passes through the sky over the year… Leo is also the fire sign (So I am a dragon tripled).

Fire… Is also a symbol of life.   It is the source of light in the darkness, the source of heat in the cold.  It frightens off creatures in the night that would hunt us.

Fire… which often brings images of turmoil in a relationship as that passion bleeds into other aspects of our life. Fighting and pushing, an immovable force… “Fight fire with fire” they say…  Meet passion with passion… I don’t know the way to tame the flame, I have tried to tame the tiger within and have been told and shown that I cannot change my stripes, but I have learned to at least direct the flames where they are needed, and not do the kind of damage that the Monkey King did in “journey to the west” when he kicked down the doors of heaven and enslaved all the gods.  I have passed that part of my story… yet I cannot extinguish this flame without losing my light and my power and my passions…

My wife has directed the fire like no one before… She has shown me water doesn’t hurt me… taught me to go with a flow instead of cut my own path… I can swim and float and drift with her without the need to burn anything in the wake.  I can warm her waters every day so she is comfortable as we flow.  I can provide her with gentle warming light in the darkness so she never has to be afraid… I can feed her when she is  hungry… I can bring intense passion to her life and light the sky with fireworks that dazzle her.  I can circle her and keep her safe… And if the dragon is ever needed in her life again she will never hear me say “I’ll handle it” and later find the job undone…

When it comes to my work, I approach it with the same passion I always have, while recognizing the strengths and sensitivities of those around me.  I am not here for reward or credit, just to cast art out into the world to entertain.  The means of survival as I light a path to a better way is fire, but it is a tool no longer a weapon against those standing in the way… Like my home life, I flow around today…  A approach work in a way that doesn’t leave scars and crushed dreams and beaten slaves in the wake of a failed project…  Just a road of scorched earth ahead that cuts a clear path through any obstacle we encounter.  This is my gift, and it is one that I intend to wield lightly but with all the passion I can muster in a world that doesn’t seem to appreciate the road through the think thorns that were once unpassable has been lifted.  Hoping that some day, someone, will recognize the armor, shield, and sword they have in me.  Aim… and send me cutting that path towards new innovation.   There are times when I forget my strengths,   days when being ignored leave me feeling useless, and all my efforts feel unnoticed.  Until I wake up and remember that I am able to light the path for myself alone, and some day the hoards of people who need to make that journey will find a road layed out in front of them to achieve their goals.

If my family, friends, and coworkers ever needs the fire aimed they just need to say the word and as they wish, it shall be done.  Safe, with hearts and dreams kept alive in dragon’s keep as my only treasures that I wish to protect..   With wings to carry us to dreams, joy, happiness, excitement, play, and awe… and then when everyone realizes they have the tools and wings to fly us back without the fire required.  I hope one day those around me will discover their strength, their tools, and their passions do not need to be forced into a box in order to be used… When we hit a barrier engulfed in too much flames to save, we can’t calmly flow around… or we can band together and tear it down, and build a better world for ourselves, and like a phoenix from the ashes rise without any fear of fire.


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