The First Book of My Life is “Unity”

For the vast majority of my adult life I have been carrying 4 books around in my head and on paper… They are “Unity”, “Peace”, “Respect”, and “Love”Together they make up one long story called “The Skill of Happiness”… Today I am publishing the first book…

What is true will always be true… What is seen cannot be unseen. What is known cannot be unlearned… What is real will always have been real. The answer is inside you, and has always been there, and will always be there when you are ready to be calm, and just listen to the words in your heart that sing love from the highest mountain you can find, as loud as you can sing it.

Part 1 : The Nature of “Deadly Sins”

The devil is real and within us, it is the evil inside created by need, the delusion of “ownership”. The provably false belief we are owed something from the universe other than what we create for ourselves. The selfish taking and hoarding of more than is required for our survival and the pleasure that comes with learning. Evil is the failure to accept others as worthy and equal regardless of their title or position, or of our own actions. The willingness to force someone to try to change what they love about themselves, or physical pleasures they love within the universe in order to be accepted by us. Evil is failing to live life in every moment of existence. You can allow evil to make you forget what you know. Allow it to pull you off the path of love. That is the path towards depression, anxiety, fear, even towards suicide. When you disconnect from the source you can be surrounded by people and feel completely alone. The source is always there even in the darkness, and all you need in that pitch black, is for a tiny light to appear in the form of hope… Hope that you can be loved whole, and complete and just as you are. The devil enters us from the Root Chakra, and we can find him in the seven deadly sins of Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Vengeance, Pride, Lust and Envy… Look around capitalist America and all you find in our consumption is seven deadly sins defining our culture. Hell is here on earth. Adam and Eve cast out into the world, because they gained the knowledge of death… the original sin.

Part 2: The Nature of Love

God is real. Within us. God is love of all things, and all frequencies of all energy that exists in the universe experienced by all life. Somewhere something can find pleasure in every frequency of every energy… Nirvana, Bliss, ecstatic rest, peace. No individual is capable of this love of all aesthetic energy because we are born unique with pleasure and pain… Our machines we pilot through the 4th (Time-Space) dimension that we think of as “reality” are difference engines with pre-programmed and ever adapting aesthetics… (what we find pleasurable and what we find painful, energy we like and dislike). God is the combination of the love within all living things from the smallest insect to the beautiful Elephants marching the planes of Africa.

God is felt through finding the beauty and pleasure in every moment from all of our senses in all the amazing gifts this universe provides. God is the force driving the quest for knowledge and understanding of the universe, and through the self-reflecting mirror of that universe a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of our true self… Forgiving, accepting, and Unconditional love of the uniqueness of the self, leading to unconditional love of all things as if they were all our own children… from the tallest redwood to the smallest flower. God flows in from the crown Chakra out into the world, in the form of love, giving, art, song… and radical acceptance and unconditional love of all life.

Part 3 – Acceptance

We are all capable of accepting and rejecting… We are all the one consciousness. You can take a handful of water from the ocean… it is still ocean water… you can return it to the ocean, and it becomes ocean once again. You have forever become part of that ocean by holding that water in your hands and the ocean has forever become part of you… having picked up elements of you and retained particles you shed into it… those parts of you become the ocean… It is impossible to interact with something without affecting it.

All religions are right when translated from words (tools of the meat machines we pilot through life to translate thought into sound) into feelings and desired outcomes. All religions say the same thing, and all want the same outcome when translated into desires and natural laws of the universe… All of us on a quest to reach a place we call Heaven or “Enlightenment” or for Atheists… we may refer to this as ” noble truth”. Heaven is often defined as the universe filled with pure love and acceptance, pleasure and bliss in all its forms… This is not a binary state, it is an infinite extreme on one end of a spectrum.

Pushing ourselves in that direction (of heaven… of love) only can come from within all of us, together… unified, recognizing the noble truth of the universe. As many who understand that when we put aside the semantics of language and just feel the message that is streaming from within all of us… we are left with the realization that we are in truth one life force experiencing the universe in superposition like a quantum particle. We are entangled with all other life. Interacting with ourselves through infinite time and space experiencing all possible outcomes from every possible perspective on an infinite timeline. All life when put together from the dawn until the end of infinite time… is all knowing.

Part 4: Belief

The aim of unity is for us to stop fighting over who’s stories and metaphors are “true”, as all truth is open to perspective and interpretation and not “Fact” or “Truth”. To walk down the path of unity we merely need to open our minds to simple, logical ideas that we know to be true. Start simple “this object is solid and not alive… that object is not solid and is alive”… The danger is being closed minded to re-interpretations of what we already accept as truth is that we will forever fight a war of semantics while all religions (yes all of them) say the same truths when you stop to actually read their texts. You can pick and choose “evil” passages, but if you do that you are missing the conclusions (or as my favorite pastor says “you are reading the words and disregarding the ‘buts’ Jesus said”. It seems insane to me that Christians read the gospels and disregard the corrections Jesus made to his apostles actions. Those corrections are in fact – the message that so many christians choose to miss… the message of universal love and radical acceptance of all.

What I am telling you now, is that we all believe we are right, and if we can translate the language of our thoughts we need not reject our beliefs or our provable evidence-based facts. In our universe we are “correct in dogmatic beliefs” and incorrect in how we translate those beliefs from thoughts to language. That is all we must admit to find unification… That we are right, and yet using words others can’t understand. I use science and physics to describe the indescribable infinite consciousness.

We can also allow rich and/or powerful people to do so for us in order to manipulate us into killing or dying for their wealth (even though “though shalt not kill” is the most basic and easily understandable of the commandments every religion in the world opens with.

We are only viewing the world through different eyes, wearing different clothes and walking in different shoes, having had unique experiences that sculpted how we convert thought to language to attempt to explain truths we all know naturally if we eliminate language and just feel. That truth, is that we all wish to be allowed to be exactly who we are and yet still be accepted and allowed by those who we interact with.

We can start paying attention to the message behind the words when we get rid of all the words, or (like “word of the day”) we can describe how every word in any language can come from a place of love instead of a place of manipulation and control… That truth was the inspiration for “word of the day” – choose a random word and describe how it all translates eventually into “love”. The lesson behind the stories of every religion is that only through love do we find peace… and the lessons behind discovery. The commandments made by the Prophets, Sages, and Gurus matter most. Each saying the same thing in different languages and words.

Those who misunderstand the “buts” run around killing people in order to force them to join their own faction of the same exact beliefs of not killing. This notion that we must first convert the world to our faith then find peace, is again, the definition of insanity. We have had for 2000 years, a western “religion” that separates ourselves from the magic and casts it out to “that guy” or “those people” who are magical… “not me”… There is nothing special about those people other than the fact that they embrace the fact we are all special. Christ himself attempted to explain this so many time “we are all gods children, god is within us wall” somehow translates to christians as “That guy is the child of god?”. It always baffles me that people can’t just open their third eye and see how obvious this is if you listen to the words of Jesus rather than read in the gospels how the disciples of Christ were describing how lost they were and how much Jesus corrected them. So often I hear Christians quote the lost boys… The disciple before Christ entered their world and showed them the LIGHT… Ezekiel believed it was his job to judge and lay the lords vengeance on others… and punish them- before he met Christ and was corrected.

Is it not, an absolutely absurd irony that the history of our species is virtually defined by the fact that we start wars over who’s god really said “don’t kill each other” first?

Part 5: The Force

The guiding force in all our lives should not be the actions you are told to live by, but the actions all children are born knowing and we beat out of them when we steal their innocence by teaching them they are not the magical beings they believe they are (and can be). The truth is whomever you believe in, you are supposed to love all life. It is not fear of what some other god said, and certainly not semantics of which words we use to describe the same god…

“In the beginning god said let there be light”… Did he mean a Sun? Or did he mean let there be knowledge? I believe it is the latter. This means in the beginning of infinity… Not of this universe or this solar system or this planet… The beginning… Of all time and space… When God, the one true source of all life was alone in the dark, became “aware” of itself, and curious about what it was… He/She/It created the universe like man creates a mirror, and decided to turn on the light and begin the quest for knowledge, for truth, and to define his true nature through this miraculous game we call “life”.

You already know the truth, it is within you. Your truth is not wrong… The language you use may just confuse someone. We are all correct in our obvious outcomes of what we feel when we allow love to flow into us, instead of try to take it from the world.

Part 6: Know Thyself

Reality is a shared experiment and experience. We are at the front-lines of the attainment of knowledge over time. What I refer to often as the construct of the 4th dimension (time/space). The enemy is only fear of the truth, fear of what you already know, and the tool of deliberate ignorance we use and allow to be used on us to try to force the semantics used to describe our specific written (and therefor flawed) learned (and therefor flawed) translated into language (and therefor flawed) system of beliefs onto others who don’t share the same flawed written and translated word. You must take one step forward to tap into the infinite knowledge already inside you… “the conclusion is what matters, and the conclusions are all the same”. The answer is put down your weapons and feel the connection…

Knowledge is suppressed by selfishness and misunderstanding the nature of the universe: greed, pride, envy, lust, gluttony, vengeance, laziness. These are failures of the soul to pilot rather than be driven by our meat machines we control with our energy. We (life) is the only thing in the universe with the free will to change thought into an alteration of the linear path of energy in order to move this temple we call a body around in the 4th dimension.

Part 7: The Sins of Hell on Earth

Greed – I will define this as taking more than you want. What I mean here, is that if you are talented enough to invent and improve the lives of others and to entertain, you are entitled to all you could ever spend to enjoy your life… all you could ever eat and drink but no more than that… all the experience you have time to purchase and enjoy but no more than that… Amassing endless unfathomable and un-spendable wealth and stockpiling it away, piling food on your plate to throw in the garbage… when that wealth could be given freely, this is greed, and it creates so much suffering that all that excess wealth must be liberated from those who stockpile it (70% of the wealth of the world sitting in the hands of 1% who could never spend it in a million lifetimes).

Envy – I will define envy not as admiration, they are not the same thing… envy is evil when it drives us to miss our own lives. When we have an outside hero of our journey instead of looking within ourselves to become the hero of our own story. I could spend my days wishing I was a rock star rather than following my bliss and expressing myself. This envy to copy another’s energy will never lead to our unique frequency broadcasting loud enough to make me a rock star… I will be a “poser”, a fake carbon copy… if I am accepted for that, I will learn that I am a fraud. Like many rockstars I may cover that pain with drugs or material possession. I will not become skilled at my craft and become what I truly love, I will not be unique. I will suppress myself to copy someone else, and believe I am not good enough because they are better. A “sell out”.

We are unique, it is our jobs to be our real selves, not a poser trying to mimic someone else who rose to fame… it is our job under god, to embrace that which makes us unique. To recognize and be true to ourselves, and we must become the purest form of that self. That will make us shine like stars no matter who we are. There is only one prince, only one Madonna… why? They are uniquely themselves. Sometimes these famous people become depressed… because they “sell out” and deep in their hearts like Britney Spears, they lose their minds knowing they are loved because of some script they were handed (like losing her virginity publicly to Justin Timberlake and becoming a “slut”… That was her script that was given to her by a marketing campaign, not her life… and when she saw that it rocketed her to fame, she became depressed, shaved her head, and left her passion for music in the dust. The same script has been handed down to Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande who went from white redheaded cute girl to a Latina sexpot somehow. These celebrities have one path – depression, drug abuse as they “self medicate”, and eventually if the script of that journey is allowed to reach its end – a tragic suicide, overdose, or “freak out” that ends their career.

Lust – this is not the desire for consensual sexual pleasure. Lust is the overwhelming need to own someone else. To take from them physical pleasure whether they wish to give it or not. To lie and manipulate them, or simply rape them. Lust is using lies or force to take physical pleasure rather than the expression of love that is offering yourself to another, being there for them, and experiencing their pleasure as the greatest bliss you could ever experience. We cannot confuse the two. Consensual pleasure is not a sin… Taking pleasure like that from one who does not freely give it, is lust.

Gluttony – the failure to become your true form, the beautiful you. Gluttony historically is food, however I encompass drug abuse (not use, abuse) in gluttony as well as hoarding the material until your walls burst with junk you don’t need. It is using “things” to replace life experience and knowledge, rather than using things to enhance life experience and learn. It is the numbing of the soul’s experience in this life through the indulgence of the replacement of chemicals in the physical body in order to quiet a tortured soul that needs healing rather than silencing. We are failing to experience life when we gorge on pleasures to the point of sickness. Cocaine, Heroine, or Pizza and Chocolate, it doesn’t matter which drug we choose to pacify the crying of a spirit not allowed to express itself… in excess these things numb us to the reality of the world. Compensation for our misery rather than learning the lessons misery offers us.

Vengeance/Wrath – This is the ability to believe that violence will heal us. It is simply the decision to seek revenge for being wronged. To attack, rather than interpret or understand. When someone is evil to us (attempts to manipulate us, or our energy, in order to suit them) our natural egotistical reaction is to do the same to them. However through millions of lives we have come to realize that this results in escalation. More times than not, the response that results in the greatest pleasure is actually blind and devoted forgiveness. This should not be confused with self-defense (and I believe the basic legal definition of the word self-defense applies here). When someone swings a sword at our head, we are allowed to return that with violence in the moment… Even the most skilled warrior though, should be at peace when they are not directly attacked. Prepare your defenses and hope your enemies do not fall on your sword. Do not draw first blood… and always immediately accept surrender.

Laziness/sloth – boredom. This is a failure to witness the universe’s beauty. A failure to learn, a failure to BE ALIVE in the present moment. When we are lazy or bored when we “pass the time”, we are forgetting our mortality. We are forgetting that time is the only measure of our lives, and wasting time… the only thing in the universe with real value. Is the worst thing we can do. We are failing at life if we are lazy.

Part 8: Develop the Skill of Happiness

If we are seeking happiness it is important to listen to and study every major and minor religion in the world and recognize that happiness in life is, while it can be about receiving, it is not about “getting”.

Life is not about taking something that isn’t given. In this regard lasting happiness is not about winning, or even about simply not losing. It is not about the competition itself, unless that competition is for growth and improvement. Failure is the greatest teacher in life. Entertainment and fun is about learning. Fun is derived from learning a skill or tool and applying it to learn another skill or tool or improve an existing one. What that means is that “fun” is failing and being taught why, just enough to try again with this new tool.

When we focus intention on future outcomes with expectations we cease having fun… The game becomes force, anger, and fear of losing… If victory is the idea, then we are failing to play. When we witness a fight between two fighters if those fighters place their skills against one another and as Bruce Lee says “they don’t worry about where the path leads, only walking the path” then both fighters learn, win or lose to improve their skills (that is “fun” play).

You can celebrate in the victory “honorably” and ensure your opponent recovers from the defeat. When we focus intention only on improvement of the self, we learn. When we learn, we are having “fun”… In all things, “win” or “lose” no longer matters. We simply obtain knowledge (in fact with this approach a loss can be more exciting than a win, as a loss pushed us to our maximum, which will improve skill faster than not having to try that hard). There are emotions inside us (like pride and vengeance) and people who will attempt to suppress this joy of the game by taunting us. Anger invariably affects the outcome negatively. We must not allow pride, and fear of failure to stop us from playing to play. If we want to enjoy life we need to focus intention on not caring if we lose or fail, we focus simply on reveling in the enjoyment of the knowledge obtained through the game of life and learn from every failure as a gift of knowledge. This is the goal… “Man is a bridge and not a goal” said Nietzsche. Our job is to learn, through that knowledge we can attract, and through attraction we find love…

Part 9: Unity and Respect of Self

Through real unconditional love we begin to better see and understand the source of all life.

We are one. That one spirit is pure love of all energy. These energy frequencies divided among us into unique combinations of aesthetic awareness from entirely unique perspective, due to unique experiences, growth, knowledge and beliefs, and the unique receptors our meat machines are born with combined with the evolution/advancement of our empathetic nervous system. We are all growing and strengthening our abilities to control (or not control) our energy responses to all stimulation that result in us either chasing pleasure or avoiding pain.

Our physical form has likes and dislikes of various energies (sight, taste, touch, smell, sound) all constrained within the perceived limits of our meat machines. All limited by our meat machine’s sense organs and how we interpret energy (which through focus, discipline and practice we know we can alter our response to, even physical pain can be overcome once we clear our minds and choose which energies to “listen to”).

Within an infinite spectrum of energies we sample a narrow wavelength and either like or dislike it and in turn will seek or avoid those energies. Pleasure and pain being the way our physical bodies gauge these experiences of energy input. Through this we can eventually learn to broadcast and absorb deliberately only the frequencies we enjoy. You can sing so others can hear, touch so others can feel, you can prepare combinations of food that others may taste, adjust your physical form through exercise and costume, even adjust your scent so others can smell. This all takes practice and skill… A labor of love. Through altering your physical form and the energies you emit, you are broadcasting a beacon to attract those who would love you for exactly the person you are. You must know yourself, and love yourself to do this properly.

You must know yourself, you must learn who you are in this unique body… Learn what your aesthetics are. Through practicing those aesthetics what skills your unique body possesses and is capable of using to broadcast… Through willful experimentation (a focused sense of adventure so to speak) you are able to find what your unique body will love. You try new things and through those things you learn what you like and dislike… You can then learn to transmit that which you love by practicing those things (like dance, or painting, or cooking). We are unique in this power.

We are capable through invention to become all that we want to be. We can fly from airplanes with parachutes and become like the birds we were in past lives as “lower” beings (that are just as valuable). We can learn to play music, understanding energy frequencies and the universal laws of harmonic aesthetics through the irrational number Phi that Pythagoras used to create the harmonic scale in ancient Greece. We can tap into the vast database of knowledge from the past… All knowledge and skills having a singular aim: the production of pleasure, when shared will attract love. We now in the modern age of the internet have full access to the entirety of human knowledge at our fingertips.

The source of all life is pure love of all things. Religion often described god as complete and unconditional love of every frequency of every energy… This god is fractured in the 4th dimension into plants and animals from the single cel organism to the most complex… This is not a desire to possess or preserve the ephemeral (the temporary), it is a desire to see all things complete and as they are, and appreciate them unchanged, the excitement of watching them grow into their true form. Through loving someone in this way, completely, we experience a taste of immortality… We know what it is like to be a god only when we are capable of experiencing pure love of someone who loves us in that way (as those who believe in God, gods or goddesses love him/her or them), only when we love someone completely can we feel god within our hearts… We are able to both give and receive worship as a god is worshipped. We are able to experience love as a god loves, only when the love is selfless… When we have a complete absence of ego, of physical self, of fear of death (apart from the loved ones left behind mourning for us), only then we recognize we are a fractured piece of the immortal – that handful of ocean water. When we live to love, we become as – gods and goddess – we are pure love. Fear is only to protect our meat, our ego, our body… It serves no purpose for gods and has no place in our hearts. The minute we believe we are mortal, is the moment we lose control.

Part 10 – Allowance of Others

The devil in all of man, is the ability to reject something that doesn’t fit our aesthetics of this ego, and this body… The ability to heap expectations and requirements on another being in order to be accepted. Rejection causes fear, anger, hate, murderous rage… When we kill we eliminate beings at the front-lines of knowledge and slow down our progress towards a heaven of the selfless love that we all desire.

Bullying is the term used to suppress that which is unique in all of us. This is due to fear or envy, but is damaging to the progress of knowledge because it teaches us that our unique aesthetics are wrong. There cannot be wrong aesthetics if the one true source of life loves all things. Belief that aesthetics can be wrong forces us to believe that through cutting off pieces of ourselves and hiding the true self, that we can find pleasure and love… Sadly there is no love to find there, for if we pretend it is possible to remove who we are, we still know inside ourselves that the ones who would love this altered person may not accept the real self. We hide behind lies and suppression, leading to depression of the true aesthetics within us.

Enlightenment is not change, it is shining light on what you already know as truth. Awakening to the reality of the universe, it can’t be learned you must be open to the knowledge and understand what you already know. Even human language has the knowledge embedded in it if you truly focus on the root and meaning of words. An awakening is like opening your eyes and seeing color for the first time. Even if your world fades back to gray, one day you will never forget the colors you witnessed, and no one can convince you that you haven’t seen the wavelengths. Trying to teach someone who isn’t open to the idea, is like trying to explain color to someone who has been blind their entire lives. It has to be translated into an energy they know. We will need to explain this experience in terms of Judaism and Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, science, math and physics. We must explain it in the terms that unify rather than divide.

Part 11: Physics – Confusing Physics

Heaven and Hell is a not a place your unique soul will go in the afterlife. We are one consciousness existing eternally through different perspectives living every life of everything that has ever lived. Heaven and hell is a past and potential future of the world in our plane of existence. The idea of dying and going to hell is the idea of being reborn in a hellish existence like that of a slave in order to understand that perspective. once we have had that experience the soul remembers and we can feel the pain they feel through empathy, we gain empathy.

Superposition is the ability for a quantum particle to exist in more than one location at the same time. This is just known fact… particles do this. Or rather this is their default state and we occasionally catch them, sort of like catching your child stealing a cookie for the first time, even though you can count the cookies and know they are constantly stealing them. We can catch particles occasionally doing very bizarre things. String theory demonstrates that time is irrelevant to zero point particles (like photons). Time is just a construct of consciousness (the notion of linear time), time is more like one of those ball pits we play in as kids. Imagine being able to jump from one ball to another just by deciding to as long as they are touching, and eventually visit every ball in the pit. Now imagine other people jumping ball to ball to… when we end up on the same one we interact. If we choose to, we can then jump ball to ball together. Those balls don’t have to be in a straight line even if our journey appears linear. There are other objects that can just be on whatever ball they feel like whenever they fell like, or be on all of them at once.

Time is only a requirement for living things so that we can sample energy over it in order to “rationalize” what is going on in the 4th dimension (time-space). Frequency and wavelength require time in order to rationalize (in a way “digitize”) samples of some truly analogue truth. We do this with intention… There have been proofs in physics for decades that the observer of a particle forces it to become one particle, and otherwise it exists in waves of probability (basically the ball pit is one particle moving faster than light and changing color, because we are moving slower than light, we just see a bunch of balls). Which means… you make the universe happen, by watching it happen otherwise that ball pit isn’t even there. There is a phenomenon called “quantum optimization” where… if nothing is watching the balls in the pit… they don’t bother to exist. Our intention is infinitely more important than most people believe. Please stick with me on this one…

The limit of time is lightspeed squared… The speed a particle of light (a photon) must travel to reach another particle of light traveling away from it, at lightspeed if time is relative to each particle’s speed. Einstein showed us that light moves relative to itself. If an person is moving away from a light source at lightspeed, the light still reaches them at lightspeed. Time is relative to our movement which is relative to some position, which doesn’t “really exist” because all things could be relative to anything… This gets wildly confusing until you stop… and grow the ego of a god.

It is nearly impossible to wrap your head around unless you reverse the equation and become all powerful… So lets make this easy now. Lets just pretend that you can’t move at all because you are a god… For a god it’s just easier to sit there and move everything around itself. NOW at what speed would light reach you from all sources no matter what? Lightspeed.

There… You have now made simple the problem of E = mc2

All you need is it believe you are god, and recognize the universe moves around you (I am god too… and so is your dog and your cat, and that tree outback… so don’t get arrogant)… But you are a SINGLE observer and YOUR universe can exist. If I jump to a ball you do not, then another GrayJedi shows up on the ball you did jump to, because we are alive on a wave of probability where in some universe some GrayJedi made the decision to jump to that ball. My unique journey may not be that for my experience of linear time. (okay I probably lost you again, lets backup).

Hold this thought as the take away from the deliberately confusing mess above (if it wasn’t confusing we would all check out when life gets hard):

There is only one story of your life… and you are the hero of it. All hero stories are the story of Buddha or Christ or Mohammad, or Ghandi, or Martin Luther King… They are all the same heroes journey through a path that all movies follow… which I will outline below and you need to read because you must become a hero too. Lets get back to something that doesn’t frustrate everyone, and just carry with us this one concept. You are the God/Hero/Creator of your journey. YOU control your life entirely, either through the belief you are in control, or the belief you are not. You win and lose every struggle based on your belief that you were going to win or lose. You have infinite time to plan this journey but only a limited time to execute your plan. Everyone in your universe is a version of you from a “past” or “future life”… that you are living at the same time. When you feel empathy for someone it is because you have already been them and remember how it felt. When you forgive someone… You feel the flood of understanding wash over you, this is allowing yourself to move beyond that moment by experiencing it from both sides. It is a series of tiny floodgates you can choose to open in order to recognize the connection to all things. People will respond to you based on your impact on them. You are in complete control of your life and the more you believe that the stronger you will create the life you choose.

Part 12 : Be the God of your Journey

The war between light and dark, good and evil, selfless and selfish, has raged from the beginning of this planet. Hell is a universe where the world is entirely selfish and the selfless people are extinct. A possible future where empathy is extinct and all pleasure received is raped and pillaged from another being. A world where we are constantly in fear, and never safe, and never home. A world without love. A world where everything offered is a manipulation in order to take from us. A post apocalyptic dystopia where the currency is something like water, and wars are fought over warmth. Or hell is simply joining the military being captured and having someone torture you to death (that is how hell is described in every book is it not? If people are experiencing this, or have… that proves hell is right here… right now… ). Those who live by the seven deadly sins, are the devils among us and they create hell for anyone who chooses to allow them to.

The concept of Heaven is also a potential future. As it stands today, we know we are at the tipping point. Heaven as our future is equally plausible. Heaven is a potential future where the false starvation economies created by those using the weapon of the seven deadly sins become irrelevant. Money has zero real value… Heaven is a world without wealth, without money, without need for material possession. A world of 3D printed hearts for transplant, walking through a scanner not only tells you what disease you have but strips it, and reverses aging at the same time (actually not a difficult thing to do theoretically once we have the power of quantum computers, which are coming soon). A world with enough food for all, where psychopaths are extinct because they can’t survive in this world (psychopaths don’t do well if they can’t manipulate their way to the top by withholding things humans would all just have… like food… if they were not withheld to create starving slaves).

Imagine this… You need a license to hunt and fish. You… have to ask permission to do something (and pay money to someone)… to survive without a government. It is illegal in the united states and many other countries… to just walk off into the mountains and hunt and grow your own food and live the way we did for a billion years before laws. You know this is fact, and you call yourself “Free?”… HA!

We, the human race, has been enslaved. All of us. We have never evolved past our ego and become awakened to the bliss that is derived when we give and receive pure love, pure acceptance, and pure selflessness. We also live in governments designed to prevent that at every turn. Here where I live it is illegal to feed the homeless. In heaven everyone gives freely and no one takes by force, we experience only beauty and pleasure because we are pure love as a species, culture, and planet. A world where no one carves off pieces of themselves to be accepted. In heaven the only laws are those laws we know are true when we are born… Don’t force… don’t harm… don’t take… Love is all you need…

Part 12: The collectively enslaved

We collectively exist in a universe where we choose every day with our actions which universe we push this one closer to (Heaven of love or Hell of deadly sins). The more we detach from ego (from the desires of and for the self… the desire of the “lizard brain”… the “needs” of the meat machine we pilot) and the more we focus on experiencing life through giving pleasure, joy, love and fun to others and demanding nothing in return… the farther we push the universe towards heaven.

I may do this in the form of entertainment, but my goal is to share laughter and joy and allow people to play in a world that teaches them empathy, perseverance, and the joy of overcoming obstacles themselves. Puzzles to solve that teach them that they are smart, and worthy of success. The money they pay for these experiences may put food on my table, but I could do that myself (if I had a hunting “license” or a “farming license”… or just chose to ignore these false authorities and grow and hunt anyway).

This is true in both eastern and western religious beliefs and explanations of heaven and hell and the commandments they all share. “Love is the answer… to the problem of human existence, but it doesn’t solve the problem of human existence” Jason Silva…

The application of love in all ways in all its forms. The rejection of hoarding and greed in all ways and all forms.

We know these to be facts somewhere in our soul, all of us do. All animals know this as well… as do the trees and the flowers. Just be… and let it be… (whatever it is).

If we sit and calmly reflect know the feeling of guilt for all the seven deadly sins when we act upon them. We can all reflect on the pain they have caused us all. These are truths in every story of every hero ever told… the “good guys” against the “bad guys”… the good sacrifice for love, the bad take for greed or vengeance. Every story we write is a tale of the benefits of selflessness, and the dangers and outcomes of indulging in greed.

Practical 4th dimensional life in 2016 America places us in a balance between good and evil. Laws are used to either steal from or control us. Laws are designed to prevent us from waking up to the idea that we don’t need a government at all, if we know what Ben Franklin frequently said “If man listened to his heart and his empathy, there would be no need for gods or kings”… As defined above… the desire to change someone, and impose your will on them for your own selfish desire is the root of all evil… to take more than you need in order for another to not have what you have. We pretend laws are needed to control and punish those who would steal something another needs, kill someone for any reason, harm someone for entertainment, torture, bully or enslave. Unfortunately once the evil gain control of government, laws are actually used for what they are in place to prevent… they are used to steal and enslave the people. This is where we live today. A world where laws incarcerate a larger percent of the population than were slaves when the nation was founded, mostly for crimes that should not even need to be illegal. Crimes like enlightening a group with marijuana (which I don’t smoke, because it makes me sick).

Through history the slavers have tools apart from shackles whips and chains to fool man into submission (it is far easier to have willing slaves who don’t even recognize their chains exist than forced ones…). False religions are one of them. A religion that teaches obedience to an owner rather than the enlightenment of knowing you own your own soul and occasionally the body it inhabits for this short journey.

There is task-based existence caused by the desire to possess the false happiness of “wealth” and the control it affords us over others. Money, is the greatest tool the devil ever invented to enslave those who wish to buy experiences that used to be free. Song, Dance, Play, Fun, Exploration, and even in the United States… our own survival… In this country the natives survived for millions of years free, without any concept of ownership. We live in a time where we falsely idolize wealth and celebrity… as if some human “out there” is more worthy of being the hero or savior of your own life, than you are. Why do you allow someone else to be this hero, this authority over your time? You were taught you had to… The great secret… is that this is a lie. We have come to accept that young women selling their bodies to men for a purse or pair of shoes or so he will pay her rent (both takers in this scenario) is “normal” in this generation. Sugar daddys and sugar babies, living a life of give and take, disgusted with the man or woman in the mirror that they can barely look at each night, so they post nudes on instagram edited with photoshop to show the world “look… this is the me I wish I was” – as their soul cries out knowing the deadly sins are all around them and coursing through their veins.

In this world we have a religious belief in so many concepts that if our ancestors were to be told this is reality, they would have laughed and walked away from. Ideas like money… Wealth… Power… Governments… We choose to base most of our society on ideas that cause nothing but misery… on this thing that has no REAL value… Do you think an invader could truly conquer a nation of free men? If men were truly free as our founders intended the insurgency would scream from the rooftops “Give me liberty, or give me death”… we have Broken the utopia that was supposed to be, while the vast majority of europe followed our lead, and many nations like Sweden of achieved it (for the most part). True freedom.

Money… How absurd the concept is when you truly stop and think about it. Wealth… Spending your time, fighting against other ego-driven beings, attempting to amass the small useless pieces of paper that we pass around and pretend has more intrinsic value than the tree it was made from. When water is poisoned, and food is gone or scarce, money will be a lot less important don’t you think? This is a system of control, a system of slavery. Money is something only our invisible, secret, private slavers have the “right” to print (and we the ants they stomp on, grant them that authority). They have given themselves the right to “loan” to the governments of the world at interest, and create debt both individual and national which, if we were to return every penny on the planet, means we still owe them more.

These people have more wealth than could possibly be measured because they own the concept of wealth itself, and they use this religious belief in money to control the only thing that has any real value. TIME. They then make us all believe we could not plant our own garden for vegetables, and farm or hunt our own meat for protein… Build our own boats, and make our own clothing, build our own fires to cook upon, create our own power through solar energy. We are locked into laws that make all of that illegal and then we are confined within those walls to need wealth for our survival.

Part 13 – The only thing you own is TIME

We are ephemeral beings. We are here for an instant in the grand scheme of time. A blink… A frame in a continuum that makes “me” (the “me” interpreting the message… the gray jedi…), this physical form, this physical body, and this 4th dimensional temporal moment in my own personal version of the 4th dimensional timeline who is right now sitting in a zen feng shui office listening to chinese meditation movement and typing this sentence. Time is the only measure of me.

The me that inhabits my meat machine, is a soul making decisions every second that impact the future of my journey in some way. Every word I type making a butterfly effect. Every choice can forever alter the timeline for some soul who takes the time to read this (and I know very few will).

The goal of the global consciousness, the driving force of all life… in this dimension of labor and pain and suffering… is learning, and experience. How we learn is up to us, we can choose to learn through pleasure of acting with love, or pain of acting with sin (and again… mutual pleasure is not sin). If we are robbed of experience potential through the hoarding of wealth, or the enslavement that debt allows, or laws that prevent us from broadening our mind and our perspective and connecting with the entire world through empathic understanding… We are being robbed of the single most important resource in the fourth dimension. OUR TIME. We are trading time for money and locking it away in a stock market where those in control of wealth can simply take it all away at any time… This was “the great depression”, this was “the great crash” after 9/11, this was the great “crash of 2008” – people were becoming too happy… too many becoming too wealthy for our slavers to control, with the doorways to entrepreneurship opened globally by the internet, too many enlightened were becoming too powerful (the Bill Gates-es and Steve Jobs of the world)… So our slavers burned it all to the ground in front of us, and started wars to keep us in fear and keep us in need of massive militaries and huge scary enemies of a slightly different shade of meat machine with features our race finds “ugly” and theirs finds beautiful. They have us lined up to trade the most valuable resource we have… Our Lives… for the mythological value of scribbles on paper or bits on a computer, or the table scraps from their tables.

Part 14 – Religion as a weapon

Religion is malleable this way as well. It can be misunderstood, and manipulated to control. It can be a banner to fly rather than a book to read. Both Jesus and Mohammed were radically non-violent people, they have both been inducted as “Buddhas” in my religion for their words and actions. Mohammed made it illegal for people do draw him or build statues to him or worship him… Why??? Because he knew Christ made one mistake… He didn’t force his people not to worship him directly, and his message became gospel rather than logic that taught them to love. Today angry sinful preachers hold a book in their hands and ring it to the sky screaming the dangers of pleasure while preaching the seven deadly sins… they quote “the path of the righteous man” from Ezekiel and neglect to inform their parishoners that this was Ezekiel preaching his MISTAKE BEFORE MEETING CHRIST who CHANGED his anger into love. They skip the “but jesus told Ezekiel” part… and they miss the end of the book caught up in how wonderful it must be to “strike down upon the with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to destroy my brothers” – this quote was Ezekiel confessing his wrongs before Christ entered his life with a message of pure love, and it is shocking how few read this book they use to beat down the “sinful” who are merely being themselves and harming no one.

Christians and Muslims and Jews and even militant Buddhists and Hindus… can read the sins of their forfathers in their books and believe these are the commandments. The reason for the new testament containing the old, is so that people might recognize the MISTAKES of the old books. The reason the Koran contains the new testament is exactly that… to recognize the one mistake Christ made… Allow people to worship him instead of understand the words he spoke. In spite of Mohammed making it illegal to draw him, or erect statues to him… the tiny fraction of a fraction of his habitually blind followers of him rather than his words have militarized the very act that was designed to prevent the militarization… so… Mohammed as beautiful as his words were… Failed…

Part 15- Why Mohammed was the Final Prophet

What the world needs for the age of Aquarius, is a crowd sourced religion… A religion of the world that pulls us all together. A religion Deepak Chopra is preaching, Jason Silva is preaching through science connecting us to religion not fighting against it…

A world of beings that just opens their hearts and minds to the “word of god” as Jesus and Mohammed tried to do but accidentally ended up with followers who needed a lord to serve, still bound by the shackles of slavery. This word… the true word of god comes in the form of unconditional love. When we have unconditional love for all, the world will need no other savior. This love Channeling straight from heaven through the starseed children of the source will end hunger, end war, end suffering. A world without prophets to worship or ways to misinterpret the word for profit and megachurches… A world where hoarding wealth becomes impossible because wealth itself is an outdated concept when we have the tools that any 13 year old needs to start a business and crowdfund an idea into reality without the need for taxes. This world where we, each and every one of us… is both the teacher and the student, both the Prophet and the Hero of our journey.

Part 16 – You are the Hero

The heroes journey is a simple one…

  1. A child is born an orphan
    1. we are all orphans in some way, in some way our parents were not always there to rescue us. We all have the “trauma” of feeling orphaned whether we were truly orphans or not
  2. That child loses their innocence
  3. Acts out
  4. Rebels
  5. Has a traumatic fall from grace
  6. Wakes Up
  7. Seeks a teacher to rebuild them
  8. Misinterprets a message from their teacher
  9. Picks up a weapon and acts on it
  10. Fails even worse
  11. Gives up and hits rock bottom
  12. Finds a ray of hope in the darkness
  13. Follows it into enlightenment
  14. Faces their enemy
  15. Puts their weapon down…
  16. Discoveres the path of love
  17. Sacrifices themself for Love
  18. “Dies” (either for real or metaphorically)
  19. Is resurrected as a god
  20. Discovers this is the only true way to win
  21. Is redeemed and viewed a Hero and frees the slaves

Lets grab any good hero film and follow these steps… I’ll do 2 of them (Star Wars and the Matrix).

“The Matrix”

  • Neo Starts at step Six (literally and laughably “wakes up” to the phone ringing)
  • Already lost his innoncence
  • Already a criminal
  • Already a Rebel
  • Had some traumatic fall from grace
  • Is already Searching the world for his teacher “morpheus”
  • Misinterprets a message from him
    • You are “the one”, Neo doesn’t believe this as fact
  • Picks up a weapon and acts on it
    • Learns Kung Fu
  • Fails even worse
    • Loses his teacher who sacrifices himself to save Neo
  • Gives up and hits rock bottom
    • Says he is not the one and decides to sacrifice himself to save morpheus
  • Finds a ray of hope in the darkness
    • Begins to believe
  • Follows it into enlightenment
    • Fights an Agent
  • Faces their enemy
    • Dodges bullets and runs for an exit
  • Puts their weapon down…
  • Sacrifices themself
    • Fails and Is shot
  • “Dies” (either for real or metaphorically)
    • Neo is killed but Trinity says she loves him, so he must be the one
  • Is ressurected
    • He comes back to life in the hallway
  • Discovers this is the only true way to win
    • He says “no”
    • “are you saying I can dodge bullets”
    • “no neo, I am saying when you are ready you don’t have to”
  • Is redeemed and viewed a Hero and Frees the enslaved
    • Frees the enslaved

When I worked on these films, there were 2 prequels that tell the first half of the heros journey that the Matrix skips over… Sadly the mega-corporation Warner Brothers, didn’t want to make prequels with an all new cast… and so the writers phoned it in and deliberately rebelled making 2 very stupid films that didn’t in any way follow the Heroes Journey they already told the end of.

Now Let’s do “Star Wars” the original trilogy shall we?

  • Luke is being raised an orphan of the clone wars by his aunt and uncle
  • he wants to join the rebellion
    • I want to join now instead of wait another season
  • Has a traumatic fall from grace
    • His aunt and uncle are killed over droids luke let escape
  • Wakes Up
    • “there is nothing for me here”
  • Seeks a teacher to rebuild them
    • Obi-Wan sends him to find Yoda
  • Misinterprets a message from their teacher
    • “Your weapons you will not need them”
    • “whats in there”
    • “only what you take with you”
    • (then) “Remember your failure at the cave!”
  • Picks up a weapon and acts on it
    • Fights instead of tries to save his enemy
  • Fails even worse
    • Loses a hand is almost killed by Vader (ep V)
  • Gives up and hits rock bottom
    • Falls to his “death” but is miraculously saved by garbage chutes
  • Finds a ray of hope in the darkness
    • Becoming a true Jedi
  • Follows it into enlightenment
    • Rescues Han, returns to Yoda
  • Faces their enemy
    • Faces Vader
  • Puts their weapon down…
    • Faces vader without attacking
  • Discoveres the path of love
    • Wants to save his father
  • Sacrifices themself for Love
    • Throws away his lightsaber once vader has been beaten
  • “Dies” (either for real or metaphorically)
    • Is nearly shocked to death by the emporer
  • Is resurrected as a god
    • Vader kills the emperor rather than loses his son
  • Discovers this is the only true way to win
    • The war ends
  • Is redeemed and viewed a Hero and frees the slaves

Try this with Thor, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange… any “Hero’s Journey” story…

You can do this with each and every book of the bible (in fact… “The Matrix” is a literal rewriting of the book of Daniel, and Morpheus is Daniel, while Neo is Christ). They even named the stupid ship in “The Matrix” the “Nebachanezar”- which is like… the first sentence of the book of Daniel… When morpheus is alone with the agents (the lions)… that is everyone’s favorite part of Daniel “Daniel in the Lions Den”. It’s laughable… Cyrus is Cypher.. etc…etc…

Each book of the new testament is the heroes Journey for each of the apostles.

However, you can even fit the Christ journey into the heroes journey. OR… do the smart thing and insert yourself into it… Where are you on the path of Neo… Where are you on the Path of the Jedi… where are you… On the journey of love? Have you ever decided to sacrifice all for love? If not… find the step you are on… and take the next one… Most americans are stuck at the realization that they need to find a teacher to show them the path of love.

The End: The 10 Commandments

All religions define god as “Love”

  1. You shall have no god before me. – Have no god before LOVE and your own connection to the source
  2. You shall not make idols – STOP WORSHIPPING OTHERS – Worship only love
  3. You shall not take the lords name in vain – Stop claiming something with conditions is LOVE… Love is unconditional, stop manipulating people through love… Say “god fucking damnit” all you want… Don’t say you love someone to steal from them.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy – You need to remember to take time to reflect, stop allowing slavers to occupy your entire life
  5. Honor your father and mother – honor those who showed you unconditional love from the moment you entered this world… honor them by paying that love forward.
  6. Thou shall not kill – derp – if you need me to interpret this… please just exit the planet stage left
  7. Thou Shalt not commit adultery – don’t claim you love someone, then break that ultimate bond of trust in the worst way imaginable. This doesn’t mean you have to be monogamous at all, it juts means you have to be completely honest with someone you love unconditionally – and in reality you should love all living things in this way
  8. Thou Shalt not steal – if you love everyone as you love your own child, stealing from them is proving that you don’t… You should rather die than take from them something that they need. Now if someone is hoarding wealth and harming others through gluttony and greed and wrath? Yeah go right ahead and strip them right down to their naked flesh, then love them… show them mercy… and teach them the way of love.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor – basically stop lying to get rid of someone who you don’t like.
  10. Though shalt not covet – don’t hoard what others need when you don’t need it yourself.

When it comes to these commandments if you are muslim, jewish, or Christian, you are commanded to follow them. They are not open for discussion in your religions. They are tools design to help you avoid evil. Buddhists have the noble eightfold path, which pretty much says exactly the same thing, with far less cryptic and misinterpretable language. Which is why it isn’t difficult for most Buddhists who are devout and learned to look at the 10 commandments and just go “yep”.

The concept that my words and creativity comes from “me” is an illusion. Words of love come only from one direction… Up “there”… somewhere, and when it flows through you, you can feel that it doesn’t come from your body… Stand up… feel what comes from your head… Wall off all connection to this meat machine… Be at peace, be silent, clear your mind… What feels good? Only love. What do you “want”? Only to Love. Being loved back is completely secondary. The joy of loving someone unconditionally will be met with tears of joy, and that feeling within you is more fulfilling than a million virgins greeting you at the gates of heaven… (which seems rather silly since virgins typically aren’t so great in bed).

Anger forces us to speak in absolutes… The only absolute in the universe is that your life is going to end… Live it… every moment of it… with love in your heart… and peace with every step you take.

Time… is the only thing that you own.

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