The word of the day is “Train” (for my wife)

The Word of the Day is Train

  1. teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.
  2. point or aim something, typically acamera, at.
  3. a series of railroad cars moved as a unit by a locomotive or by integral motors.
  4. a succession of vehicles or pack animals traveling in the same direction.

Today I am letting you sleep in entirely, I will lock your door and be up with the kids (after my 2 hour morning routine of meditation relaxing, tai chi in the robe you got me yesterday, and my new yoga pants we went to get this week together Finding Boba Tea star wars shirts on our adventure), before writing word of the day for you

we can begin with a train… The noun… The series of railroad cars moving in unison together… When one moves the others instantly follow in delayed tandem. Like the way we dance together, we know each others rhythms… with little cars in between.

Last night I made you dinner, hoping it would fit your mood, or make you interested in cooking with me. I don’t know if it was successful, I didn’t feel your presence at dinner. I missed it immensely. I don’t want you out of my way ever. I want you to stand in front of me like a tree and let me come to a soft landing under your branches. No need to lead and follow just peace.

This week we have an opportunity to be a true family in our safe home, you become the conductor of our locomotive… You the lead car and the rest of us can follow… I’ll “flow” and have fun in the rear gathering little ducks to help them explore. I plan to be the caboose this week playing games with the kids (opportunities I so wanted to have with them when we met 2 years ago and rarely have had a chance), My plan to follow your lead and let the littles move the train along in the middle of us… I don’t want to force it, or be stressed, or worry about tantrums (sudden energy outbursts that are natural but shouldn’t be allowed to cloud the room, they can go do that in private). Like the elephants we talked about the first time I spent the day with your children… Holding hands the way elephants hold tails with trunks. I’ll follow the train, and follow your lead.

No need to stress or worry about me my love… I’ll be here… I’ll push when you pull and climb any hill with you. I want to flow through this life with you in perfect unison and never jump the tracks. The best way for me to do that is to follow when you take the lead, step when you step, sway when you sway, move when you move and always have your back. You lead, I’ll follow… Flow… Like the back car of a train. If you choose to remove yourself I become Peter Pan and play follow the leader, or bring up the rear with no lead and we just play for fun.

This will take training… There is no accident those words share a meaning… We teach and train someone through example… You have taught me “water” and saved many a bad situation that my energy contract doesn’t normally allow… Turned what would have been disaster without you into one of the most amazing and fun filled weekends of my life. A weekend filled with music, laughter, dance, wonderful food, and included a marriage proposal in there somewhere… You trained me through that entire weekend, leading by example… Reminding me not to be pulled into the stress of all our plans going wrong with one word… “water”. Each time you said it, reminding me to flow with where the universe was taking us.

We are truly east meets west though… in Chinese teaching (how I was raised) meeting the eye is a threat, looking away a sign of respect. In American culture looking someone in the eye seems to be an invitation to begin a lesson regardless of if a student even asked. This is cultural and we need to recognize our body language is often reversed…

I still want you to be patient with me, you are training me in an art i knew little about.. Unconditional love. This is training in an art form that you seem perfect at, but I have never found in my life. I am your student you are training me… I am here to learn, here to support, and here to follow… Let’s make this weekend about mixing our families and flowing in unison… Let’s train the littles to not pull the train off the tracks through attracting them… Through love, compassion, play, fun, excitement, joy, awe… Let’s show them the world filled with laughter and games and see if we can’t make this train flow…

Let’s Train our sites on the week we could have… Hold our breath, take aim, and fire it’s a shot at a future we can hit, not an aimless untrained arrow… One guides one follows…

I will not pull away or try to steer from the back… I’ll flow… We won’t jump the tracks… This weekend we train sights on laughter and happiness and fun for the entire train of baby elephants we are steering mine included. I don’t want to have mine miss the opportunity to learn your love, but I believe you should know if they are quiet it’s out of respect, if they look away it’s trust, if they wait for you to approach it’s kindness not fear… Most of the emotions you read from us other than joy are those of an asian raised buddhist family, and though your little ones especially sebastian is starting to see the fun of training in many things, mine had this their whole life. I hope to be bridge to gap misunderstanding.

I love you my trainer of happiness. My conductor of love. I would follow you for the rest of my life.

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