The Word of the Day is “Water”(for Padiwan Rasta Raffe)

To Flow, one must first stop fighting the inevitable currents that we are powerless against. An artist hits a flow state when they work. One continuous stream of consciousnesses, mainlined to the hand. We move in steady streams of thought as words pour out on to the page. An artist’s creation can be understood like that of a parent… sending a child into the world to be judged, knowing we cannot protect it from criticism or ridicule, only give it unconditional love. you have mine, as we embark on your journey each both teacher and student, teaching each other so much about the nature of healing. Forget your past, it is behind you, look to the future with excitement, and learn to shine like the star you already are.

Water flow comes in all forms. It is rapids, or calm pools. Water bends, twists and turns, as passengers we can learn to just… let… go… and “go with the flow”. Move within the confines of our truth, and choose to either bend around, or break through barriers with force.

This flow state relies upon radical openness. You must willing to force your mind into the future freeing the chained and guarded pathways of thought. Free… your… mind… from Dogma, and semantics, free your mind mind from violent memories you have moved ahead of. Free your mind from laws that no longer apply… Free your soul from the notion that you are in this fight alone. “Imagine a delightful future, and pull your present forward to meet it” – the imagination foundation. Let go of your anger, fear, doubts, and do what you were born to do… Flow

This cannot be done if you are questioning or afraid of what is in your heart. The true you… is the real entity behind the meat machine you pilot. You must know without doubting that the words you say are true, good, pure. You cannot be honest with anyone until you are honest with yourself. You must Know, love, and trust that person looking back at you in the mirror first, before you can be deserving of acceptance. You must believe in you before you take to the sky like Jordan.

Bruce Lee once said “Water… be like water. It appears weak but it can crash against any obstacle in its path. It is formless… yet it can take the form of any vessel. Peacefully it can flow away from obstacles, or violently it can cut holes in the mightiest mountain. Be like water my fried..” – Bruce Lee, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

When we are true to ourselves, only then can we be true to others. This means accepting all our flaws and embracing them as strengths. Our weakness can be Channeled and become our greatest assets if we use and present them as potential hidden skills. Sadness and sorrow can easily be converted into the feeling of love, just as pain can be converted into ecstasy if we remove the fear of outcome associated with pain. The fear of vulnerability most importantly can be converted to love. How does one turn doubt into fortitude, vulnerability into love, embrace pain, and make you the strongest you that you can be?


find your aesthetics though fearless exploration!!! Your light is a beacon in the darkness for lost souls who believed they were truly alone. Shine, so that you can truly know and learn to love yourself. Only then will you learn that the best version of who you are has been there all along… do this with no fear or shame over your gifts or your flaws.


Turn up your volume more. Your light is a beacon in the darkness. Attract those who would love you. This includes your hairstyle, clothing, tattoos (If you want any), shoes… None of this is clinging to material possession, it is more like that old saying “Dress for the Job you want”. You also need to recognize that this is not dressing to “fit in” you don’t put on a suit if you hate suits, even if it’s a requirement to become an executive. You wear a t-shirt and sport coat you love, and if no one likes it, you are not in the right company (friends or business). Never try to sculpt yourself into another’s aesthetic, only to seek your own and broadcast it loudly. Shine like a beacon for lost souls, your students and teachers will find you. Never believe you are the smartest man in the room, and talk over others. find it within your Karma and your empathy to allow them to fail… people don’t need a savior they need to recognize and discover for themselves, this in video games and in life is called building character.

“what one man can do another can do” – the edge

Do this with intent, kindness, and love in your heart as if everyone you know are sages, and the heroes of their own story. Because they are. Do this without any violence or force. When the student is ready they will seek you out, when you find a master you will seek them out. Shine peace… Volume… not Violence.

Fit and Flow

Once you attract you must allow. Allow others their aesthetic. “Don’t Yuck Someone’s Yum” – Gray Jedi’s Wife… Do no turn a peaceful environment into a frenetic one that only you fit into. When you throw yourself into a pond, the ripples and waves you make, are you own… that is your Karma, your ability to damage a tranquil peace by being a visionary. You must stand aside and “Let it Be… Let it be… seeking words of wisdom, let it be” – Paul McCartney. Share joy, share success, empower the powerless to speak their minds freely without fear. Radical openness, total vulnerability, and no weapons!

The Key to Happiness

“Let life flow through you without letting it stick” – Terrence McKenna

The key to happiness isn’t something “out there”. All the gods have given their children “Free Will”, no one on earth has power god doesn’t have apart from that gift. The notion we can force our aesthetics on someone and be liked for it, is the state of being human. The key to letting go of your pain, is to give into this higher power we feel flow through us, we find true happiness opening our heart, sharing our Chi, this is the feeling of pure love.

There is no need to alter the self. We are not changing “You” unless you define yourself by the weapons you carry or the fear you instill in others. We are showing you that the “you” can be embraced and seen – Namaste “may the light within me see the light within you”. You can do this without losing who you are at all. in fact you will accidentally find youself

Happiness is first standing up, and then standing out. You must allow yourself to be the ideal that you seek to be, and see. You need no affirmation apart from the person who looks back at you through the mirror. That person needs to have the ability to smile at you first… holding love of all you are, in their heart. This will be the most energized and perfect you. Someone who can be loved and accepted for the shape you are today and choose to be tomorrow. The shape not only of the robotic machine of meat you channel into the world through, but the ever changing delightful mindscape you create for yourself… one where you do no harm to anyone, including the temple that is you vessel to see this beautiful world. The only currency you pay on this journey is time… spend it well my young friend and brother (my Si Hing… brother teacher). You are both my sun and my son, my brother, and my friend, unconditionally without expectation.


Love unconditionally and accept without fear

Remember the universe only owes you the time you are give, make it last, embrace it as just another journey

embrace the pain that gives you strength to overcome. Your trials…

Give love freely with no demands, expectations, ownership, or punishment — Allow

Let Love flow from the source of all consciousness… like water falls from the heavens , and flows through mother earth, until once again find its journey home in the oceans of time.

There is only one Hero on this journey for each of us… Ourselves, so we must ask ourselves “What do heroes do”? They Keep the Faith even in total darkness.

Sun Wu Kong (Sonny) – The Gray Jedi

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